The Story

This online resource was developed by someone just like you for you, to help you research funeral homes and other local funeral vendors, leave and read funeral vendor reviews, and access educational funeral planning resources.

In 2011, following the unexpected death of a close Uncle who lived for the moment, my immediate family took charge of making funeral arrangements on behalf of the whole family. There were no prior instructions or arrangements made, and as we discovered, there were many complexities to planning a funeral including how to get our Uncle home from out of state, fact gathering on the who, what, where of funeral planning, and organizing the rest of the family to make a group decision on the final arrangements all within days. There was no centralized list of funeral homes in the area, so we had to look them up one by one and call each one for information on their funeral home service offerings and associated cost.

As you may relate, we were upset about the passing of our Uncle, stressed about planning, and, quite honestly, we feared that we were being misinformed by the funeral parlors we engaged with: we knew nothing and they knew everything. Like many families, cost was a sensitive issue to us; however, the costs presented were very confusing and differed from one funeral parlor to another. During the search process, we spoke with both pleasant directors who were sensitive to our situation and unkind directors who just made us more upset. We agreed that it would have been ideal to have learned that beforehand and to have an outlet to share our experiences and warn & inform others of the positive and negative experiences we had but none existed.

This demonstrated the need for a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and comprehensive list of funeral homes with unbiased and transparent information and user feedback to make your lives simpler, reduce research time, and help you confidently make a decision whether you are pre-planning a funeral or deciding on how to lay your loved one to rest during this difficult time.

This is what I set out to do, and it is my sincere hope that our website will help reduce the amount of time you spend searching for funeral services, and it makes your decision-making process clearer.


Rachel Zeldin

Founder, I’m Sorry to Hear, LLC

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