What the Supreme Court Decision Legalizing Same Sex Marriage Means for Funeral Planning

The recent Supreme Court decision on the Obergefell v. Hodges case has legalized same sex marriage but what does the decision mean for end-of-life and funeral planning? Traditionally, legal authority over funeral planning goes first to an individual’s living spouse, then next of kin (children), then parents, or if appointed ahead of time, the “designated agent” […]

Partnership with Philly.com Eases Burden of Funeral Planning

I’m Sorry to Hear and Philly.com announce the launch of new content and features on Philly.com that bring funeral planning tools & education to the region’s largest media outlet. Users can now leverage “Funeral Planning Tools”, “Educational Articles”, and the “Find a Funeral Vendor” search tool to facilitate the search for funeral homes and ancillary […]

I’m Sorry to Hear Becomes a One-Stop-Shop for Funeral Planning

I’m Sorry to Hear LLC announces the update of their online community to allow for extended search capabilities at www.imsorrytohear.com. With this update, the comprehensive online community for end-of-life resources and funeral planning will open its vendor marketplace up to a wide variety of businesses with products or services that play a role in the […]

I’m Sorry to Hear Expands Funeral Planning Marketplace to California, Florida, Illinois, and Hawaii

I’m Sorry to Hear, LLC announces their continued expansion across the USA adding 4 new states to their extensive online community and searchable marketplace of funeral homes at www.imsorrytohear.com. With this expansion to the states of California, Florida, Hawaii, and Illinois, I’m Sorry to Hear expands their coverage to an additional 3,000 funeral homes. This allows […]

The Top 3 Things You Should Know When Funeral Planning

Recently we did a guest post for Death with Dignity titled, “The Top 3 Things You Should Know When Planning a Funeral.”  In it we outlined the most important points to keep in mind when funeral planning.  A summary of those funeral planning tips can be found below:   Know the Funeral Rule established by the […]

A Walk-Through of I’m Sorry to Hear – Funeral Planning Online

Funeral planning is complicated.  First you need to find a funeral home, then you need to decipher all of the service options you have: cremation vs. burial; green burial vs. NOT; embalming and viewing or closed casket; flower car and/or family car?  The options seem endless and overwhelming. When that is all figured out, you […]

Grief Talk with Audrey featuring I’m Sorry To Hear on Funeral Planning

On July 16th, Rachel Zeldin of I’m Sorry to Hear chatted with Audrey Pellicano, the Wise Widow about funeral planning, caskets, the Funeral Rule, and other need-to-know items when planning a funeral. Listen online or download to be an informed consumer. I’m Sorry To Hear: Funeral Planning 07/16 by Grief Talk with Audrey | Blog Talk […]