Funeral Planning ChecklistFuneral Checklist

Not sure how to plan a funeral? Use this funeral planning checklist to guide you through common options for funeral home services and burial services.

End of Life Guides By StateState by State Guides

Do you know your rights regarding End of Life issues in your state? Find out more information about your state's legislation in the following state by state guide.

Educational ArticlesAccess Articles

Learn more about funeral planning, get additional funeral planning tips and advice, and see what is going on in the industry with our education funeral articles.

Paying for a FuneralSave Money

Funerals today are very expensive and not everyone is able to afford them. In this section, learn about crowdfunding funerals, find a list of programs that may have funeral funds available for those on social assistance, as well as other cost saving options to make a funeral affordable for you and your loved ones.

Advance DirectivesAdvance Directives

Advance Directives give you a control of your healthcare treatment even when you can't speak for yourself. Find out more information on advance directives and download your state forms.

Casket GuideView Casket Guide

Unsure of your options or confused about the differences between caskets? This Casket Guide breaks down the basic types of caskets available, their main features, and general price ranges for caskets.

Consumer AdvocacyView Consumer Links

Know your funeral rights as a consumer.  Find here a list of funeral consumer advocacy organizations and websites that can assist you if you need professional advice or support before, during, or after making funeral arrangements.

Death with DignityView Laws

Death with Dignity laws allow for medically assisted end-of-life options for mentally competent, terminally ill individuals.  Find out if your state has laws to protect your rights.

Funeral GlossaryView Glossary

Confused about all of the funeral and cemetery terms? Look inside our Funeral Glossary to find commonly used acronyms and definitions used in the funeral industry.

Funeral Planning TipsView Our Tips

Learning from each other is better than learning the hard way. Here are some funeral planning tips to keep in mind during the funeral planning process.

Have a sound piece of advice you would like to share? Submit it to be included and help others get through these tough times.

Funeral Director BoardsView Funeral Boards

Funeral Director Boards or Boards of Mortuary Science are the government agencies that establish and enforce funeral regulations on a state-by-state basis. Consult with our a complete list of funeral director boards to learn more about state funeral legistlation.

Professional Assoc.View FDAs

Funeral Director Associations are the professional associations that support funeral professionals.  Find a full list of the local and state funeral directors associations, national funeral director associations, and specialty funeral directors associations.

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